Feel This

The cold aches my eardrums

I forget winter always freezes

the inside of me

I feel this

I like it


My heart kicks into my lungs

I forget you can do this to

the inside of me

I feel this

I like it


Family Outing.

Dad took us out on Saturday for my birthday. I love my family:)


IMG_4983Look out, Jeff!

IMG_5019 Concrete Skunk

On a side note… Love this little girl. ❤







Down a country road.


Roses in bloom.


This is after we went tubing down the river. On the way home the tubes kept falling off the back of the truck.


Stopping to talk.


I love clouds.

The Night Jeffrey Was Glued

The Night Jeffrey Was Glued

Jeffrey sat cross-legged on the floor; trying to somehow fix a bubbler for my fish using super glue.

I sat, engulfed in America’s Got Talent, ear buds poking haphazardly into both sides of my head.

“Liz!” I ignored the scream, knowing that listening to it meant the upheaval of my comfortable place on the couch.

“Liz!” I pretended the electronic devices plugged into my ears prevented me from hearing his insistent sound waves.

“LIZ! Can you get me a pin? LIZ! Caan youu geet mee aa piin.” He mouthed the words carefully so I could understand.

I just smiled, realizing he thought that I couldn’t hear him.

He glanced up at the coffee table where there just happened to be a box of the sharp metal instruments.

“Oh, never mind.”

He leaned toward them and I continued my immersion;

clicking and smiling at weird people who seemed to think it was a good idea to act silly in front of hundreds of homo sapiens.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “LIZ, HELP! I glued my fingers together!”

I flung the computer aside and walked over to where Jeff sat.

“Are you serious?”

“I’m dead serious. Quick! help me!”

“Put them under water.”

We went to the kitchen sink and I squirted dish soap on the predicament.

“Get me a knife! Quick!”

“A knife?”

I grabbed a knife.

“No, I need a sharper one.”

I dug in the drawer, got a malicious looking knife with teeth, and handed it to Jeffrey.

We both leaned forward as he attempted to saw through the miniscule plastered space between his thumb and index finger.

I cringed, but preceded to walk away, thinking the incident was under control.

“That’s too bad, Jeffrey.”

I smiled.

“It’s terrible.”

I chuckled.  Jeff smiled from his position at the sink.

“What am I going to do? It won’t come unglued!”

“It won’t? Well, at least it’s the weekend so you won’t have to go to work- you can just walk around with your fingers glued till it wears off!”

I started laughing.

An idea came into my brain.

“Wait, Jeffrey! Stop! I want to take a picture of you!”

I ran into the library and swiped Benny’s camera off the bookshelf.

Jeff obligingly turned toward the camera and held up his fingers.

They were shaped in the “perfect” sign, since his thumb and index finger were pinched together.

I finished documenting the offending fingers and Jeff continued rubbing them back and forth.

I squeezed more Ajax on and they came apart with a little pop.

“I got them apart! But the skin came off with it. You can see part of my thumbprint on my finger.”

Sure enough, he showed me, and there was a little round chunk of thumbprint on his finger, leaving a small hole in his thumb.

And that is the story of the night Jeffrey was glued.



I drink in life

like an alcoholic

it’s questions

it’s answers

I can’t get enough

I want more of the sun

that burns my bare arm

more cold wind on my face


I long for open air


people’s smiles

I drink it all in

long thirsty gulps of pure living


I pray for rain

wait for seasons to change

I revel in the glory of sand between my toes

cringe when my feet are caked with garden dirt

dried in the sun

I marvel at the beauty of the sky


I grasp life in my hand

hold it like a baby bunny

feel it struggle to get away from me

touch it’s soft fur

feel it’s claws at my fingertips


I let emotions ripple over me like a stream

I crave excitement

wish for solitude

when I find peace I gulp it down

gasp for more

I gobble up joy till I am stuffed

still I starve







Beautiful Children


Beautiful Children

look at me

their eyes are deep and

filled with glee

Oh, God, let me never


a single child’s frank faith and joy


Innocent children

cry in fear

To me it can never be clear

WHY man could hurt a

little one

Torment their small bodies

for fun


I hear their pain

I’m sick inside

My eyes meet salt

the tears won’t hide

I would travel to help them all

pick up these


when they fall


Oh, let me give myself

and love

I want your blessing from above

Give me a child’s love

for awhile

I want to make your children